The Opening Session of academic year 2017-18

For the opening session of the academic year 2017-18 at the Integrated Master in Architecture, we asked the students that they themselves would tell everyone about last year.

Running for competitions, attending workshops abroad, going into field trips, supporting DAU’s activities… all of this is also part of the academic experience at the Integrated Master.

STSM for Lisbon to workout the topic “The use of public spaces by teenagers and the role of technology!

Universidade Lusófona and National Lab of Civil Engineering welcome applications for a STSM in Lisbon for a period of 5 to 15 days in November 2017 or January 2018, to support the analysis of how teenagers (13 to 19 years old young people) use public open spaces, and what is the role of ICT and their devices in the relation of teens with the urban fabric.

Lisbon Archicad Summer School @ ULHT, 25-29 September 2017

Archicad Summer School is an international event promoted by ACUA – Archicad Users Association.

Universidade Lusófona will host the first edition held outside of the UK.

Experienced speakers and tutors will manage several workshops, lectures, and training programs for all levels of proficiency in Archicad, workflow and OpenBim.

Applications are open, and current and former DAU students can enjoy a special price on the certified course of Basic Archicad Training, by entering their student number at the registration page.

All information, including the detalied programme, can be found at the Lisbon Archicad Summer School website.

Opening session of the academic year 2017-18 | Integrated Master in Architecture

The Integrated Master in Architecture’s opening session for the academic year 2017-18 will take place next Monday, the 25th September, at 11AM on the auditorium S.0.11. All DAU students are invited to attend.

The programme will feature DAU students sharing the cool stuff they did in 2016-17:

10.45 am Gathering
11.00 am Welcome
11.05 am Tiago Duarte Lopes was a runner-up for the Archiprix Prize Portugal 2017
11.15 am João Serafim and Marcelo Rafael attended an international workshop at Szczecin (Poland)
11.25 am Jorge Casimiro attended an international workshop at Universitá degli studi L’Aquila (Italy)
11.35 am Luís Campos, João Serafim, Susana Teixeira and Teresa Conceição competed in Prémio Pladur, a prize for the architecture schools in Portugal and Spain
11.45 am António Francisco, Pedro Figueiras and Joaquim Borges Martins will talk about their work for DAU’s documental archive of Master dissertations
11.55 am Ariane Sposito and Daniela Flores will talk about the fieldtrip Roteiros DAU, which visited awesome architectural works at Porto, Braga and Guimarães
12.00 pm Silvana Moreira will present the DAU website to all.


CALL for Participants: CyberParks Hybrid Heritagescapes as Urban Commons in Mediterranean Cities: acessing the deep-rooted spatial interface of cities

30 Oct-3 Nov 2017, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Expressions of interest are invited from the COST Action TU1306 “Fostering knowledge about the relationship between Information and Comunication Technologies and Public Spaces supported by strategies to improve their use and attractiveness (CYBERPARKS)” to participate in a master/PhD level training school related to emerging forms of technologically mediated urban landscapes.

Please check this .pdf for more information.

Field Trip Roteiros-DAU — The video

DAU Students at the field trip Desenho – Roteiros DAU on 28-29 April 2017.

We visited (and sketched!) several notable architecture works, such as the Church at Marco de Canavezes, by Alvaro Siza; Oporto’s Casa da Música, by Rem Koolhas; Leixões Cruise Terminal, by Luis Pedro Silva; and Municipal Stadium of Braga, by Eduardo Souto Moura. Everyone had a good time!

Lecture Utopia and the Anthropocene by Stamatis Zografos @ Room G.2.2, 11 May, 6PM

Utopias are often set outside scientific time. They can be set in the past or future, or even in mythical time. They comprise constructs of our imagination that can provide escape from everyday life.  Yet by doing so they also highlight issues that render our world and our everyday life rather problematic. Can utopias therefore be considered as tools to improve this world? Or are they merely reactions against it?

Archiprix Portugal 2017 Prize

Archiprix Prize Portugal 2017 is a free-theme, institutional and academic prize that aims to raise awareness on the diversity and quality of the youngest generation of Portuguese architects, by distinguishing the best final academic  projects in the fields of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture.

Critical essay by Doctorate Student at DAU selected for publication

The critical essay ««Cidades contemporâneas: desafios em mobilidade urbana» by the geographer Nagayamma Tavares Aragão, currently pursuing her Doctorate in Urban Planning at DAU-ULHT, was selected for publication at the website of the Revista dos Transportes Públicos da ANTP – Associação Nacional de Transportes Públicos (Brazil), and also at the Mobilize Brazil website.

Students in the Integrated Master in Architecture DAU-ULHT go to Madrid to present their project for the Iberian Prize Pladur 2016

The Erasmus students Lucas Schuter e Simon Paukner, currently attending the Integrated Master in Architecture at ULHT, are going to Madrid on the 10th June to present their project to the final juri of the Iberian Prize Pladur 2016 – Your Imagination Has No Limits.

The students’ project is a 500m2, no-site-specific pavillion integrating Pladur products.