Urban Planning


Bachelor in Urban Planning and Land Management

The main objective of the licentiate degree in Urban Development and Spatial Planning is to provide initial and specific training in this area with a view to the professional practice as a Town Planner, as well as endow the students with a set of abilities that will allow for life-long leaning and their integration in the interdisciplinary framework of the town planning. It also aims to create the necessary conditions so the students may further their studies in the 2nd and 3rd cycles.

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Master in Urban Planning

The Master’s Program in urban planning aims at creating a set of specialists in the scientific area of Urban planning that are prepared to aid in the coordination of teams that elaborate Planning and territorial management instruments or teams that manage them. The degree equally prepares for the entry in a scientific career in the area of urban planning.

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Doctorate in Urban Planning

The Doctorate in Urban Planning is acknowledged and certified by Association of European Schools of Planning, Europe’s most prestigious network for the promotion of the development of teaching and research in the field of planning.

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Postgraduation in Urban Law

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Postgraduation in Municipal Management

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