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Luís Santiago Baptista

Luís Santiago Baptista is an architect and has developed a multifaceted activity encompassing professional practice, academic teaching, architecture criticism, exhibition curatorship and publishing. He has a master degree in Contemporary Architectural Culture (FA-UTL) and is PhD candidate in Architecture and Urban Culture (DARQ-UC). He was teaching assistant in FA-UTL and is now invited assistant professor in ECATI-ULHT / LabART. He is editor-in-chief arqa magazine.


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  • Luís Santiago Baptista. «Desconstruindo a Desconstrução Arquitectónica», in Revista de História da Arte – Práticas da Teoria (ed. Joana Cunha Leal, Mariana Pinto dos Santos, Begoña Farré Torras), nº 10. Lisboa: Instituto de História da Arte / FCSH-UNL, 2012.