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Filipe Coutinho Quaresma

1999_Graduate at Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto.

2005_S.Master Degree at Department of Civil Enginering, Instituto Superior Técnico.

2014_PHD at Departamento de Arquitectura da Universidade de Coimbra with courses part made at MIT`s Design and Computation Group.

Taught at FAUL, IST and ULHT.

Organizer of international conferences as DIGITAL ALBERTI, UCoimbra and SIM2013 Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing, FAUL. Reviewer of Robot15 and SIGRADI 2014 conference proceedings.

Own practice since 1999.



Gramática da Forma a Sistematização da Coluna de Alberti (Alberti`s Column Systematization Shape Grammar). Phd in Architecture. Departamento de Arquitectura. Faculdade de ciencia e Tecnologia. Policopiado. Universidade de Coimbra 2014. Coimbra.


Projecto de Arquitectura em Colaboração Remota (Remote Collaboration Architectural Design). Scientific Master in Building Engineering. Instituto Superior Técnico. Department of Civil Engineering. Lisbon 2005.

Conference (with international referee)

Coutinho, F., Duarte, J.P., Krüger, M., 2014. (I. Petrovic Prize nominee). Constructing a shape grammar. The Ducal palace façade. In Fusion, Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Desingn in Europe., 512-525. Vol. 1eCAADe:Conferences 1. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK:, Northumbria University, 2014.

Book (with international referee)

Coutinho, F., Duarte, J.P., Krüger, M., 2013. Digital fabrication and rapid prototyping as a generative process. Green Design, Materials and Manufacturing Process. A.A. Balkema Publishers – Taylor & Francis. The Netherlands. pp. 509-512

Journal (with national referee)

Coutinho, F., Duarte, J.P., Krüger, M., 2015. De Re Aedificatoria column systematization shape grammar. Revista Joelho n.5, University of Coimbra, Department of Architecture. Portugal. pp. 32-41.