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Fernando da Fonseca Cruz

Fernando da Fonseca Cruz has degrees in Environmental Sciences (UAb 2014) and in Geography and Regional Planning (UNL 1992). Has a Msc degree in Urban and Regional Planning, (UTL1996) and PhD in Geography and Regional Planning (UNL 2008).

He combines the teaching functions in Architecture and Urbanism in ULHT with Superior Technical Career in Management and Spatial Planning in Oeiras Municipality.

He published 3 articles in professional journals, has 5 chapters of books published. Has 30 items of technical production. He participated in 21 events in Portugal. He received first prize or honor. The areas of interest are Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences and Computer Science.

In their professional activities interacted with 7 employees in co-authorship of scientific papers. In his curriculum DeGóis the most frequent terms in the scientific, technological production context are: GIS, REN, Town Planning, PDM, Environment, Sustainable Development, Territorial Impacts and Sustainable Urban Mobility.

Currículo DeGóis


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