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Carlos Smaniotto Costa

Carlos Smaniotto Costa (PhD) is a graduated Landscape Architect and Landscape Planner, and a PhD holder in Urban and Environmental Planning from the University of Hanover/Germany. He is professor of Urban Landscape and Urban Ecology in Masters and PhD programmes in Urban Planning at the Lusófona University and member of its Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Education and Development, where he is the coordinator of the research unit on Territory and Memory. He is the Chair of the COST Action CyberParks and has several publications in professional journals in Portuguese, English, German and Italian.


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  • Smaniotto Costa, Carlos (2016). A Framework for Guiding the Management of Low-impact Mobility towards Making Room for Sustainable Urban Green Infrastructure. Journal of Traffic and Logistics Engineering, 1 (4): 74-82. Doi: 10.18178/jtle.4.1.74-82
  • Smaniotto Costa, Carlos, Norton, Conor, Domene, Elena (2015). Water as an Element of Urban Design: Drawing Lessons from Four European Case Studies. Walter Leal Filho, Vakur Sumer (Eds.) “Sustainable Water Use and Management: Examples of New Approaches and Perspectives”. London: Springer (Book chapter): 17-43. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-12394-3_2
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  • Smaniotto Costa, Carlos (2012). De quintas a parques – Visitando os Parques da Quinta das Conchas e da Quinta dos Lilases em Lisboa. Arquitextos, São Paulo, 13.146, Vitruvius, jul 2012