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COMPUTER, FORME Conference Cycle – Conference by Gabriela Celani

COMPUTER, FORM Conference Cycle


June 16 3 pm

Conference by Gabriela Celani (UNICAMP).


Gabriela Celani is an architect with a master’s degree from FAU-USP and a PhD from MIT, where she was supervised by William Mitchell and Terry Knight. Since 2004 she has been a researcher and professor of the Architecture and Urbanism course at Unicamp, where she created the Automation and Prototyping Laboratory for Architecture and Construction (LAPAC), and where she is currently a full professor. She works at undergraduate and graduate level, developing research in the areas of digital fabrication, design process automation, shape grammar and algorithmic-parametric design, across Architecture and Urbanism.

At Unicamp, she was an advisor to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and the Dean and Project Director of the Exploratory Science Museum, and currently coordinates the Physical-Spatial component of the International Hub for Sustainable Development (HIDS) project. She is the author of the book CAD Criativo (Elsevier, 2003) and has translated the books The logic of architecture and The poetics of gardens into Portuguese. She was a visiting professor, with funding, at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentina), the Technical University of Lisbon and MIT. She was coordinator of projects financed by FAPESP, CAPES, FAEPEX and CNPq, involving national and foreign universities, such as Coimbra, Lisbon, Melbourne, Braunschweig and Kaiserslautern.

She is a member of the scientific committees of the Design Computing and Cognition, SIGraDi, eCAADe, CAADRIA, ASCAAD and CAAD Futures congresses. She was Vice President of SIGraDi and is currently Vice President of CAAD Futures. She was a guest speaker at the following events: Digital fabrication: a state of art (Lisbon, 2011), SIGraDi 2012 (Fortaleza), Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing (Lisbon, 2013), Digital DArq (Coimbra, 2015) and SIGraDi/eCAADe congress 2019 (Porto ). She organized the conferences CAAD Futures 2015 (São Paulo) and BRAGFOST 2016 (Campinas). She received the Arturo Montagú (Sigradi, 2017) and Zeferino Vaz (Unicamp, 2018) awards for her academic career.