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Seminário com Arq João Gomes da Silva

O Departamento de Arquitetura, através da unidade curricular de Arquitetura IV (5ºano), tem o prazer de convidar todos os interessados a assistir à Conferência do Arquitecto Paisagista João Gomes da Silva a ser realizada no dia 8 de Junho às 18.00h


Graduated in Landscape Architecture from the Universidade de Évora in 1987, and lectured there as an assistant from 1987 till 1994.

Since 2001 he is an invited professor at the Architecture Department of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.

He has also been invited to lecture in several other universities, and has participated in conferences and workshops, within the scope of Landscape Architecture and Landscape, both nationally and internationally.

In 1997, he founded Global Landscape Architecture with Inês Norton, creating a group that generates landscape theory and space, from the interpretation of the economic, social and contemporary cultural transformations.

He has dedicated his professional life, individually or in collaboration, to the critical production of Landscape.

In 1990-91 he is awarded the Schinkel Prize, in Landscape Architecture, with Inês Norton and João Mateus, in Berlin, Germany.

With the project for the Public Spaces of the Expo’98 precinct, he is awarded the Prize of the Portuguese Design Centre, in 1999.

In 2004, he is awarded with the Valmor and Municipal Prize of Architecture by Lisbon’s City Hall, for the Expo’98 project, in co-authorship with Architect Manuel Salgado.

With the Salinas Landscape Project in Madeira, in co-authorship with Architect Paulo David, he is awarded in 2007 the FAD Award, in Landscape Architecture, the International Stone Architecture Award, and in 2008, the Audience Award in the V Landscape Biennial, in Barcelona.

In 2010, with the Cycling Track – Belém_Cais do Sodré segment, in co-authorship with Atelier P06, he is distinguished with the following awards: Red Dot – design Award; SEGD – Merit Award; D&AD-in Book e European Design Awards – Silver Award.

In 2010 with the Project for the São Jorge Castle, in co-authorship with Architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça, he is awarded the Piranesi Award.