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ARCHITECTURE WEEK Workshop’15 “Beyond Shape”

The workshop will approach the fragmented city using computational methodologies.

18 to 24 of May at ULHT.

Heavy traffic transportation routes as big urban and inter-urban road networks – bridges, tunnels, roads, freeways and railways (and intermodal structures) – are real and complex problems.

Linking parts of the city through specific routes, have been absorbed by the city growth allied with zoning projects from the beginning of the XX century, culminated in a new typology of urban “roads and transportation” that is particularly difficult to articulate with urban space.

Appropriate research on this subject – urban infra-structures/space – can contribute to the improvement of urban live, urban sustainability and urban development.

Conferences by

  • José Pinto Duarte_FAUL and Nimish Bilora_TU/Delft (18/5)
  • Sara Eloy_ISCTE (19/5)
  • José Beirão_FAUL (20/5)
  • José Pedro Sousa_FAUP (21/5)
  • António Menezes Leitão_IST (22/5)

Oficial site presentation by

Arch. Florinda Lixa fro CMO (Municipality of Odivelas)

Official Site