Marcelo Dantas

Marcelo Dantas (Funchal, Portugal, 1980), realized soon in his architecture degree the importance and the influence of other arts for a more in-depth conceptual approach to his architecture projects.

He moved on to his own production of these references, resulting on 12 years of experimentation on several fronts of artistic expression – architecture, photography, drawing, painting, installation and sculpting undergo a constant process of technical, experimental and conceptual contamination, resulting on a holistic approach to contemporary thinking and creation.


  • Book: ”Museu da Memória, SECIL Prize 2004” – Editora Librus
  • Article: “Unidade e Todo” nº 5X de 2011, Revista Lusófona de Arquitectura e Educação
  • Book: “Habitar Portugal 2006/2008″ Portuguese Projects Selection