Summer Course in Sketching: SummerSchool UrbanSketchers

In the scope of Lusófona SummerSchool 2017, DAU will organize the first Summer Course SummerSchool UrbanSketchers in partnership with Urban Sketchers Portugal (USkP), from 17 to 28 July.

This course is for all people interested in sketching. The course is free-admittance (registration is required, please see below), and will take 10 3-hour sessions from 10AM to 1PM.

Students will be evaluated at the end of the course, and a participation certificate will be issued.


First Week

Second Week

  • 6th Session, Monday, 17 July, with Luís Ançã
  • 7th Session, Tuesday, 25 July, with Mónica Cid
  • 8th Session, Wednesday, 26 July, with Luís Frasco
  • 9th Session, Thursday, 27 July, with Pedro Alves
  • 10th Session, Friday, 28 July – Course’s final exhibition

General objectives for the SummerSchool UrbanSketchers Course:

  • Providing analogical tools and methodologies for observational sketching in city and natural environments;
  • Using creative processes to give form to depictions that are similar to what is observed;
  • Presenting synthesis sketches of observed environment.

Specific objectives:

  • Understanding which steps to take in observational sketching;
  • Acquiring 3-D knowledge to ease the making of observational sketches;
  • Determining the core elements and procedures for the sketched depiction of a physical space;
  • Understanding what is expected of an observational sketch;
  • Organizing and correctly structuring a sketch;
  • Acquiring proportion references;
  • Identifying procedures to bring forth three-dimensionality when sketching;
  • Discerning observational sketching from conceptual sketching.

Skills to acquire:

  • Performing observational sketching in city and natural environments;
  • Depicting three-dimensionality when sketching;
  • Synthesizing and simulating the observed space in a sketch;
  • Sketching the human figure in physical spaces.

Materials to bring:

Graphic diary in A5 or A4 format; black pen; watercolours and paintbrushes; coloured pencils

Fee: 175 €

Application form Download Leaflet (in Portuguese)