COMPUTER, FORM Conference Cycle – José Nuno Beirão Conference

June 15
Conference by José Nuno Beirão (FAUL).

COMPUTER, FORM Conference Cycle

Space Syntax goes 3D – Convex and Solid Void Analysis – The detailed analysis of public open space

José Nuno Beirão, graduated in architecture from FAUTL in 1989, the date from which he began to practice architecture, having been a founding member of the firm bquadrado arquitectos lda. ( He completed his master’s thesis at ISCTE in 2005. The thesis is entitled: “Urban Grammars: for a flexible urban design methodology” and deals with an analytical study of design methods based on algorithms for obtaining urban plans endowed with greater flexibility as a response and a way of adapting to variations in assumptions.

In his doctoral thesis entitledCItyMaker: Designing Grammars for Urban Design completed in 2012 at TU Delft in the Netherlands, he further developed the concept by proposing a set of algorithms called ‘urban induction patterns’ described using the formalism of shape grammars ( Stiny and Gips, 1972). These are technically generic grammars applicable in the development of parametric urban models. The thesis presents the concept of City Information Modeling (CIM), which combines the development of parametric models and associated georeferenced information as the basis for an urban design with analytical support. Currently, he is exclusively dedicated to FAULisboa where he develops research related to the applications of CIM in urban planning and design.

His main interests are: data-based parametric urban design; algorithmic design; design systems; shape grammars; with special focus on the design of customizable systems (including housing systems). Computer media and digital manufacturing provide the tools that enable the development of advanced work within these areas of interest.