PhD Seminar for 2020-21 – Architecture: Design and Research

The Architecture Departments of Lusófona University of Lisbon and Oporto are organizing a seminar – Architecture: Design and Research – for the current academic year.

Please feel invited to participate with the Zoom link:

Every following Fridays with hour to announce.

Architecture: Design and Research


One of the objectives for this Architecture: Design and Research Seminar is to debate the dialectics between the practice of architecture and research in architecture, analyzing, based on consolidated author paths, the type of relationships that can be established between these two professional domains. Does architectural research support the practice of architecture? And, is the project’s practice a safe research base? Where does the motivation for investigating issues come from? Is heritage a common stimulus factor? Are there other factors? Can we admit that there are common methods or methods adapted between the practice of architecture and research?
We propose the presentation of a set of conferences held by architects and researchers with relevant and significant readings in the field of scientific knowledge, heterogeneous methodological proposals and wide and distinctive dissemination relationships.