The Opening Session of academic year 2017-18

For the opening session of the academic year 2017-18 at the Integrated Master in Architecture, we asked the students that they themselves would tell everyone about last year.

Running for competitions, attending workshops abroad, going into field trips, supporting DAU’s activities… all of this is also part of the academic experience at the Integrated Master.

Full house!

Welcome by Professors Pedro Ressano Garcia and Filipa Antunes

Tiago Duarte Lopes, runner-up to Archiprix Portugal Prize, presents his project “Novos Habitats, Sistema Palafitico como Modelo de Atividade e Oportunidade Socioeconómica”

Marcelo Rafael attended the “International Students Workshop – Gryfino City Revival”, at West Pomeranian University of Technology, Poland

Professors Isabel Barbas, Maria Rita Pais and Filipa Antunes

Jorge Casimiro attended the Workshop Universitá degli studi L’Aquila, in Italy

Luís Campos, João Serafim, Susana Teixeira and Teresa Conceição ran to Pladur Prize 2017

António Francisco, Pedro Figueiras and Joaquim Borges Martins told us about their work for the Levantamento Documental das Dissertações DAU -DAU’s Archive for Dissertations

Ariane Sposito and Daniela Flores told us about the DAU field trip to Porto, Braga e Guimarães