Open Workshop: Ideogram: from Idea to Architectural Form @ ULHT, 21 February 2017

The workshop Ideogram: from Idea to Architectural Form – Sketch as a tool of perception of architecture and urban space, with Jacek Kranz, urban sketcher and professor at Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, will take place at ULHT, on the 21st February.

This workshop will occur in the scope of the Architectural Design II and Urban Design II, lectured by Professors Filipa Antunes and Nuno Carrôlo, and is scheduled as follows:

10h30-14h30 – Room G.3.1
14h30-18h30 – Room G.3.3

The workshop is open and free to all DAU students. Application is not required, students only need to show up at the beginning of the sessions. The workshop will be held in Portuguese and English.