Critical essay by Doctorate Student at DAU selected for publication

The critical essay ««Cidades contemporâneas: desafios em mobilidade urbana» by the geographer Nagayamma Tavares Aragão, currently pursuing her Doctorate in Urban Planning at DAU-ULHT, was selected for publication at the website of the Revista dos Transportes Públicos da ANTP – Associação Nacional de Transportes Públicos (Brazil), and also at the Mobilize Brazil website.

ANTP is a NGO that has researched and published in the fields of mass transportation and urban traffic management in Brazil for nearly 40 years, and Mobilize Brazil is the first Brazilian web portal with exclusive content on sustainable urban mobility.
The essay was written by Aragão in the scope of her additional instruction in urban mobility management at ATP, and was selected amongst other three hundred.

The essay can be read at the following locations (in Portuguese only):